Love your H2O! Hydrate: You are sweating a lot in class, and you need to be able to replace the water lost from your body. We advise that you drink water throughout the day, up to 2/3 liters either:

  • The day before an early morning class: Leaves your body with more time to absorb the water over night and feel more hydrated and prepared for the morning without having to drink too much before class.
  • Throughout the day of your afternoon and evening classes.

We also have to take into account that living in such a hot and humid climate, our bodies are already working overtime. So, a little more than your average intake will only benefit your body. And try to avoid ‘chugging’ too much within a short space of time before a class. Steer clear of coffee or any other caffeinated drinks, as they will dehydrate your body.
Bottled mineral water and coconut water is available for purchase in the studio at the reception desk.

Mats & Towels

We have mats available to rent from the reception area, but feel free to bring your own to class. One complimentary towel is given per student, per class.


Avoid heavy meals 2 or even 3 hours prior to class. If you feel that you will need the extra energy then carry with you a light snack of nuts, for example 5 to 6 almonds, which are great as they act as a slow burning protein, and fruit such as dates, the perfect natural energy boost.

Arrive Early

We advise new students to come to class at least 20 minutes before the classes start, so that we can register your information. Regular studio visitors should come at least 15 minutes before class, not only as a sign of respect for your teacher and fellow yogi’s but also to prepare yourself before class, without rushing in and getting stressed out before you have even started.


We advise our students to generally wear loose clothing that is easy to move in, fitting, breathable, as well as appropriate.

During Class

As a new student, we advise that you sit in the second or even third row of class, as our Bikram classes are lead through the use of dialogue, allowing students to learn focus and listen to how the postures are taught, using more experienced students in front of as a guide, whilst the teacher is able to offer modifications and corrections to individuals at the same time.

No talking in class

After a busy day manoeuvring around the city, you or other students may be feeling tired or stressed out, and so when entering the studio rooms, we ask that you respect the space and your fellow yogi’s around you, in savasana or meditation by not talking. It is also best so you are able to conduct the class with no unnecessary distractions.

Take a break & listen to your body

This is by no means a boot camp. No one will punish you for taking a moment to catch your breath and re-adjust. It is your own personal practice and there is no need to push too hard, especially in your first 10 classes and especially if you are dealing with any injuries. You get just as much benefit from breathing for 90 minutes as you would by doing all 26 postures. Have patience.


Always breathe in through your nose and out through your nose. Unless, other breathing techniques are used by your teacher. Breathing in and out of the nose slows down the heart rate and calms the nervous system, creating control and focus in your practice.

Stay in the room

As a Bikram or hot yoga newbie you may feel that that the heat is slightly overwhelming and want to step out of the room. This is your first and biggest challenge, to STAY IN THE ROOM. If at any time the heat is too much just kneel down Japanese style or lie down on your mat in the savasana and rejoin when you can. Just concentrate on your breathing, this is just as much of a practice as the whole class is. If for any personal reasons, you must leave the room, make eye contact with your teacher to quietly acknowledge to them, and step out quietly so as not to disturb your neighbour, and let the receptionist know that you are okay.


Cool down

After completing your savasana and quietly leaving the class, take a seat outside in the chill-out area and relax, allowing your body to adjust to the cooler temperature outside of the class.

Re hydrate

As mentioned at the beginning, with prepping before class, you start as soon as your complete leave last class. By drinking water throughout the day and coconut water is also a great addition, adding electrolytes to your body whilst also hydrating.

And finally, the most important point of all…

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