At V Yoga we want everybody to feel welcome and relaxed and enjoy your journey. It’s important that we make an environment that is peaceful, quiet and respectable in its atmosphere.

We also have a few V Yoga Rules that will be a guide line to having a great class.

Injuries & Information

It is important that you speak to your teacher about any old injuries, new injuries, if you are on any medications, or pregnant. Your teacher is experienced and passionate and adequate enough to make sure you have the best class at the V Yoga Centre just make sure they have all the right information.

Student Membership

Student membership forms are available from reception. Please make sure you have filled this out along with a signed waiver form before taking your first class.

Mats & Towels

Mats area available for hire from reception and your first towel is free. If you require any more, just speak with the reception to hire one.

Mobile & Valuables

We ask that you do not bring mobile phones into the yoga studio spaces. And to keep your phone on silence when in or outside of the lockers provided, which is where we also ask you to keep your bags or valuable items. In the studio, all you need is a mat, towel and some water along with a positive and open mind.


We advise our students to generally wear loose clothing, that is easy to move in, fitting, breathable, as well as appropriate.

No talking in the studios

After a busy day manoeuvring around the city, you or other students may be feeling tired or stressed out, and so when entering the studio rooms, we ask that you respect the space and your fellow yogi’s around you, in savasana or meditation by not talking. But feel free to enjoy the chill-out area in the reception to catch up.


We recommend that you do not eat anything at least 2-3 hours before your class. If you feel that you will need the extra energy, then carry with you 5 to 6 almonds and 2 to 3 dates and take these half an hour before your class. Both are a great snack for the early morning yogi, dates providing natural energy and the almonds a slow burning protein.


We advise new students to come to class at least 20 minutes before the classes start so that we can register your information. Regular studio visitors should come at least 15 minutes before class, not only as a sign of respect for your teacher and fellow yogi’s but also to prepare yourself before class, without rushing in and getting stressed out before you have even started.


After Class

Please leave the room quietly allowing your neighbours to stay and meditate in savasana as it is recommended that you stay for 2 mins minimum after a hot Yoga class, however you will be guided by your teacher. Please roll your mat and take your towel with you and leave them in one of the buckets outside the studio.


Water breaks

For hot classes we advise students to come to class well hydrated, drinking at least 1-3 litres of water the day before your class. During class water breaks are allowed, but we advise that you please drink in-between postures. In order to enjoy your hot class and its benefits, and your teacher will always advise you the best times to take a water breaks. After completion of class we also advise to maintain your water intake throughout the day.

Coconut water is also another great way to naturally hydrate after class.


Be prepared to sweat, especially in the hot room, we advise to wear loose clothing to allow the body to breathe and sweat freely. Sweat is the body’s natural way of cooling down its temperature. So, wiping the sweat away will only reduce the body’s natural cooling process. It is a journey and in the beginning, you may find it difficult to handle all the sweating but it is a great way to detox the body and keep the skin moisturised. Through practice, you will adapt to the heat and embrace the detox that the body gets from sweating.

Stepping out because of the heat

As a Hot V Yoga newbie you may feel that that the heat is slightly overwhelming and want to step out of the room. This is your first and biggest challenge, to STAY IN THE ROOM. If at any time the heat is too much just kneel down Japanese style or lie down on your mat in the savasana and rejoin when you can. Just concentrate on your breathing, this is just as much of a practice as the whole class is. If for any personal reasons, you must leave the room, make eye contact with your teacher to quietly acknowledge to them, and step out quietly so as not to disturb your neighbour, and let the receptionist know that you are okay.


Always breathe in through your nose and out through your nose. Unless, other breathing techniques are used by your teacher. Breathing in and out of the nose slows down the heart rate and calms the nervous system, creating control and focus in your practice.

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